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03 July 2020 @ 05:45 am
Graphics and fanfiction are public. Comment to be added.
It's hard to believe, but this took me a looong time and lot's of methodical thinking because I'm insane that way. I promised xxdoll_xx(Suzanne <3) that I'd do this because we all need more Cillian Murphy in the world. At least, us that appreciate the blue eyed gentleman. :D

Notes: I ended up doing something kind of special for my first picspam. Really, Cillian doesn't need it because he's already gorgeous enough, but I did it anyway! Now I'll stop my rambling and post this before my internet runs away from me. Last few things: if you'd like any of the original pictures in all their glory, don't hesitate to ask; and if you'd like to use the banners, go right ahead, just credit me. ;D Comments are love.


Enjoy the pretty.Collapse )
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OMFG. Two posts in a night? Hell yeah, I'm on a roll. This time? Graphics post AND writing post. WOO, LOOK AT ME! But I srsly need to make some Twilight icons. Wish I wasn't so damn slooooow. ARGH. D: Yes, this is all crammed. And yes, the icons are falling off the layout. BUT. ENJOY. THIS TOOK EFFING FOREVER. 

One Twilight fanfic, and one original writing. The Edward POV was written the exact second I got finished reading the chapter "The Meadow." The original writing is based on shadowy figments with no names. Might be two males because I'm shameless. :D 

Garden Of Eden 
Twilight; Edward&Bella 
Character focus: Edward's POV 
Rating: PG-13 (For Edward's sexy violent mind) 
Word Count: 433 
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. But I want to own Edward. 
Summary: I believe I could crush you under my deathly cold, stone fingertips, leaving you broken and mangled and so terribly unbeautiful, just by the strength of my inhuman grasp. 

Burnt Away Into Blue 
Original Writing 
Rating: R (Language and obvious hinting of sex) 
Word Count: 298 
Disclaimer: Oh wait. Guess what? This is mine. Mineminemine.  

GRAPHIC TIME. And yes, it's put together like a damn jigsaw puzzle. Took me a damn hour to fix the HTML because it was being a jackass.

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26 March 2008 @ 05:26 am
The following is written for lenina20, who prompted me for Sawyer/Kate, "Long time no see." And so sorry I took so long! But I will tell you that you can blame thank the classic glass-bottled Coca-Cola for me finishing this 3AM in the morning. ;D That is seriously the best beverage and time to write. No joke.

Btw, beforehand, I wrote a quick drabble-y thing, and it went from there, so I'll add that.

Title: Someplace To Run To
Pairing: Sawyer/Kate
Rating: PG
Word Count: 996 (since I'm including the drabble)
Spoiler Warning: Up to S4 and everything else is speculative weirdness.
Disclaimer: I don't own Lost.
Author Note: I think I might be telepathic because I wrote this before I paid attention to "Into the Sun" by Lifehouse, and it's everything this is about. I had the whole CD running all the time I wrote, and then noticed the song when I was done. I'd recommend listening to it with this, but that's up to you. ;D
Summary: Freedom came so easily while running as fast as their legs could take them, chasing one another in viridian fields that made way for their excuses.

static in my head: "Into The Sun" by Lifehouse
All thanks to kissmebye and her orders and commanding nature, and awesomeness, and being my writing partner for life.. I finished my first prompt! :D

"Show You What I Mean"
Prompt: Gackt/Hyde, "In Years To Come" by Thrice.
1158 words.
Rated PG for Gackt/Hyde-ness.
Disclaimer: I don't own, obviously.

This silence was different; it seemed to swallow the distance between them.Collapse )

Also, it so happens that we went insane, and I prompted her for two musician slash, Marty Casey and Johnny Rzeznik, and so she prompted me to exchange prompts and write a 100 word drabble. So here is something extra.

Right Before The Show
Marty Casey/Johnny Rzeznik
110 words
Rated PG
Disclaimer: I wish I owned.

No musicians could play words like they couldCollapse )

The END.
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14 February 2008 @ 12:00 pm
So as I promised - the following is an original-based drabble I wrote last week. If you're paranoid of insinuated smut between two males, or just plain terrified of me writing it, you might wanna bypass it. Hahaha.

Pour me a drink, would you?Collapse )

And here's 4 icons to stare at. When I create maaaany others, as I planned, I'll gather them all into a pile and make it official. UM. Do not ask about the randomness nature of them. I am random in nature! :D

I want to return the favorCollapse )

Err.. enjoy? <3
Maybe I'm hoping this will make me feel better for not being able to write at the moment. I hope this isn't wrong of me to post first, but who knows when Jess and I will ever get around to posting at the SAME time seeing as she's like 6 hours ahead and I'm sleeping all the time due to sickness. So I'm taking the initiative! We challenged each other and here is what I came up with! <3

Heroes and Villains
Featured Characters: Sawyer's POV - including some Jawyer, Skate, and Jate insinuations, obviously.
Rated: Dirty language because that's a rating in my book!
Word Count: 2,041 (YES, I went overboard by 41. Sawyer's fault!)
Author Notes: Credit of inspiration goes to the song "Superman" by Stereophonics - lyrics included within this. Also, go read nomango 's archives until she posts her side of the challenge! She's one of the greatest Lostfic writer's ever! Can't wait to see what she's come up with! *whines* Special thanks to kissmebye for reading it beforehand to cure my doubt, and there's a Doctor Who reference dedicated to her, as well. :D
Description: Sawyer takes in the perspective of heroes and villains and who plays the roles on the island. Takes place during and after 1x07 The Moth and leading into 1x08 Confidence Man.

Sawyer didn't believe in superheroes...Collapse )

I JUST realized this could have coincided with the LostFicChallenge for the inspired by songs challenge, but wouldn't that be cheating? :D Now let's hope I can join in the Lost Riffs. I'm starting to feel better again.

Character: Sawyer
Rated: Same rating as LOST, I imagine. Sawyer always comes with batteries and much dirty language! <3
Description: Takes place right after The Brig and before he returns to camp. I felt I wanted to do something POV-ish, though I was tempted for Slash, but that's for another time.

WARNING - Includes spoiler for LOST Season 3, also episode 19 "The Brig."

ENJOY~! <3

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06 November 2007 @ 10:15 pm
"Cherry apple strawberry; the colors of multiple leaves
Imaginary toy people surrounded in blankets of neon
Raspberry ice cold sugar water; tastes in your mouth
Lavender roses twisting through ivy petals splattered in crimson
Invisible hands grasping mine in cinnamon breeze
Mahogany door and handles rusted in metallic and gold
Tulip pink lipstick moist on the lips in gloss
Smeared black eyeliner leaving smoky hazel eyes
Blue shine surrounding the top lids like clouds
Two mango and tangerine leaves in a never ending waltz
Grey knit coat with orange cigarette burn of unknown cause
Intimate trees reaching for a coal sky
Single London lamppost chipped to silver, sleeping for the day
Orange juice sunlight smiling on what it can fall on
Snow tinged bells are singing the minutes until sleep
As dusk breaks, the colors retreat"

Basically, I was sitting in the car for three hours and looking at everything around and experimenting with colorful ways to describe them. Yes~
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